Shore collects bathymetric data with a modular RTK-GNSS, INS and Single Beam Echo Sounder (SBES) survey system, compliant with NL Norm B standards (with ease). The system was originally designed during our time at Delft University of Technology with emeritus Professor M. Stive and further developed at Shore over the years.

The advantages of this modular system are the flexibility and limited weight which enables easy deployment on a variety of vessels. It has travelled to many continents and has been deployed on jetski’s, RIBs, rafts, stand-up paddle boards and longtail boats, for dredging, research, coastal and inland monitoring projects and even ponds and lakes. For projects that require integrated analysis of both under- and above water areas, our bathymetric solutions can be coupled with the topographic solutions


Deployment of the modular SBES survey system on the jetski results in an ideal solution for surveys in shallow areas (>0.5m) with wave conditions. With the jetski we are able to collect data in swell waves up to 1.5-2m and wind waves up to 1-1.5m.


Shore uses light weight RIBs to survey inland waterways and lakes without waves. Due to its limited weight the RIB can be launched without a boat ramp, making this a very flexible solution for flat water surveys.


The raft is Shore’s super shallow water solution to collect data in water depths up to 5 cm. Ones the waterdepth becomes to shallow for reliable SBES data collection a wheel equipped with RTK-GPS is put on the ground until the draught of the raft (5cm) is reached.

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