Data acquisition

Shore is specialised in the transition zone between water and land and we are known for delivering inventive, tailored solutions for integral coastal zone and embankment surveying. At Shore we belief that our combined expertise of survey solutions, background in hydraulic engineering and inventiveness results in more effective and efficient acquisition strategies. Therefore, we challenge clients to contact us early in the process and explore solutions that were not though of before. This enables us to transfer your need for data in the optimal strategy to collect data; subsurface to aerial! We know you will like the results!

Our data acquisition services are typically used for

Single surveys

Single surveys are one-time projects to capture the current state of an area or object. With our flexible and light weight survey solutions we can anticipate fast to your data requirements.

Monitoring campaigns

Monitoring campaigns are long-term projects containing multiple surveys to capture the development of an area over time.

With our combined knowledge of survey solutions and the hydraulic/coastal domain we help clients with shaping and executing a monitoring strategy that provides data that really contributes to the answer of their questions.

We are proud to play a major role in the monitoring of many Building with Nature projects, in which our philosophy and expertise makes the difference in getting the information from the field into the offices of our partners, where it translates to knowledge and guidelines for future coastal protection.

The analysis and interpretation of data to answers can either be done by the client or by Shore with our data analysis service.

Worldwide fieldsite investigations

Shore's worldwide fieldsite investigation service focuses on the collection of all relevant input parameters that consultants and researchers need for modelling and design studies. At Shore we understand coastal/riverine systems and know how and what should be surveyed to make the life of consultants easier. From near shore bathymetry surveys in swell climates to the deployment of wave buoys and the collection of sediments samples, we collect the data you need for your model or design study!

Capacity building
A growing number of international projects require knowledge transfer to local parties. Shore can help in meeting the capacity building requirements of your project with the training of data acquisition and analysis skills to local beneficiaries. Moreover, we can support in the process of selecting and purchasing instruments if transfer of equipment is requested.