Data analysis and impact assessment

Data becomes valuable information when combined with the right knowledge. It provides insights and answers to your questions. Based on years of experience with data acquisition and processing we now what data is necessary and how it should be processed to answer your questions. Data can be yours, public, from third parties or acquired by Shore . We transfer data to answers!

Our data acquisition services are typically used for:

Analysis of morphological development

The analysis of morphological development service transfers collected data into insight in the development of an area without ‘judging’ the observed development. This service focusses on providing insights in how the evaluated area changed instead of has it changed as planned/ expected.

Impact assessments of artificial (man-made) interventions

An impact assessment of artificial (man-made) interventions starts with an analyses on how the area of interest develops. Based on the intended result of interventions, Shore interprets the quantified developments and provides the client with insight in the effectiveness of an intervention.

Feasibility studies of coastal interventions

Shore performs feasibility studies for coastal interventions. We have in-house knowledge and experience with the calculation of required sand budgets and possibilities to redistribute volumes to meet requested safety standards. For more advanced coastal interventions we work together with Arens Bureau voor strand- en duinonderzoek. With our combined expertise we can provide clients with integral advice on the feasibility and subsequent (often necessary) monitoring of interventions.

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