Bathymetric surveys Texel

The Wadden sea dike at the Dutch island Texel does not meet the required safety standards and therefore will be reinforced in the coming years. Shore supports the contractor (‘Combinatie Tessel’) with bathymetric surveys of multiple locations during different phases of the project. With the flexible bathymetric survey solutions Shore can respond fast to requests of the client and provide the required data within a limited time span to keep the clients project going.

  • Performed surveys until 18-04-2018:
  • Baseline survey of shallow area in front of Wadden sea dike at Oudeschild (August 2016)
  • Survey of area around landfall Dijkmanshuizen and toe line of stone cover (April 2017)
  • Toe line landfall De Schans (August 2017)
  • Survey of depth sailing routes (September 2017)
  • Survey of depth sailing routes and harbour (November 2017)
  • Landfall de Schans after removal of landfall, scour landfall Dijkmanshuizen (December 2017)
  • Bathymetry at landfall Dijkmanshuizen (February 2018)
  • Survey of depth sailing routes (March 2018)

Project details:

Client: Tessel (Boskalis, KWS)
Service:data acquisition single surveys
Survey solution: Jetski and RIB
Deliverables: Bathymetric maps