Beach Buildings

Buildings on the beach might have an impact on the spatial erosion and sedimentation patterns of beach and dunes. To investigate this Deltares has asked Shore to perform a monitoring campaign that started in 2016 and is currently still running.

Initially, Shore used UAV-photogrammetry to acquire height data on two locations in the north west of the Netherlands. Despite the suitability of this technique for acquisition of height data in strongly varying, 3D areas, photogrammetry proved to be less suitable for this study as a result of the relatively dense vegetation cover in the dune sections of interest.

Therefore, Shore advised the client to proceed with the newly developed UAV-LiDAR that is a better solution for the collection of height data in areas with a lot of vegetation. The UAV-LiDAR of Shore is equipped with a high resolution colour camera for simultaneous acquisition of images to deliver an orthophoto.

After collection and processing of the data Shore is also responsible for the analysis of the data. During this analysis the impact of beach buildings on the surrounding beach and dunes is examined.

Project details:

Service:Data analysis monitoring, data analysis impact assessment
Survey solution: UAV-LiDAR
Deliverables: DTM, orthophoto impact assessment