Monitoring of Mud motor near Harlingen

The Mud motor near Harlingen in the north of the Netherlands is an innovative building with nature project initiated by Ecoshape. Within the project it is tried to grow salt marshes with the help of sediment transport resulting from naturally occurring currents and dredged mud from the harbour of Harlingen. Shore has been commissioned to monitor the development of the Mud motor the first two years after completion

During a test pilot in the beginning of the project, Shore found out that photogrammetry led to less optimal results due to the limited contrast on the mud flats. Moreover, the relatively high number of required ground control point for photogrammetry proved to be problematic due to the limited accessibility of the mud flats.
Therefore, this project is executed with the UAV-LiDAR to make an accurate and high resolution DTM. The use of laser excludes to problem of limited contrast and the used RTK UAV limits the required number of ground control point. Simultaneously with the laser data, aerial images have been acquired for the composition of an orthophoto.

Project details:

Client: Deltares
Service: Data acquisition monitoring
Survey solution: UAV- Lidar
Deliverables: DTM and Orthophoto