Monitoring pilot Houtribdijk

Between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2018 Shore has monitored the morphological development of the EcoShape Pilot Houtribdijk. To this end, the jetski has been used for collection of bathymetric data, whereas a moving GPS-carrier has been used for collection of topographic data. Both data sets have been combined to create an integral height model that can be used by the client to determine height differences and changes in sand budgets.

Besides height data for analysis of morphological development, Shore monitored an area in which mats made of brushwood are tested on their applicability for building with nature purposes.

Project details:

Clients: Deltares / Ecoshape
Service:data acquisition monitoring
Survey solutions: Jetski and RTK-GNSS
Deliverables: Integral DTM, height of brushwood mats