Fieldsite investigation Abidjan – Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

Shore Monitoring & Research has been commissioned by RoyalHaskoningDHV to perform a field study in Ivory Coast. This field study was part of a bigger study carried out by RoyalhaskoningDHV and its partners Deltares and UNESCO-IHE to investigate the possibility, design and effects of re-opening the former tidal inlet near Grand-Bassam.

One of the first practical phases of the project was setting up a numerical model of the existing coastal system around Abidjan and Grand-Bassam, consisting of a small river (Comoe) several lagoons and the connected with the South Atlantic ocean by a canal (Canal Vridi) near Abidjan.

The services of Shore Monitoring & Research were carried out to obtain field data to calibrate the developed model of Deltares and gain field observations of the area for later stages of the project.

The field study consisted of:

  • Water level & Salinity measurements at 5 locations
  • Current measurements in the lagoon near Abidjan, coinciding with the water level & salinity measurements.
  • A bathymetric survey of the lagoon
  • A bathymetric survey of the nearshore (including surf zone)
  • Sediment sampling and analyses of 15 locations

Project details:

Clients: Royal HaskoningDHV, UNESCO-IHE, Deltares
Service: Data acquisition worldwide fieldsite investigation
Survey solutions:(local) jetski, GPS , other
Deliverables:Bathymetry, topography, water level & salinity data, current data, analysed sediment samples