Monitoring and impact assessment interventions Kop van Schouwen

Schouwen is one of the islands located in the province of Zeeland in the south west of the Netherlands. The province performs a pilot project with innovative coastal zone management to maximise nature-, tourism-, recreation- and economic values by using sand differently.

One of the areas of interest is the Kop van Schouwen, which is a dune section in the north west of the island of Schouwen. Here, sand supply by nourishment is limited to stimulate ecological development. Simultaneously, gaps have been made in the first row of dunes, to allow aeolian process to transport sand from the beach to the hinterland.

Shore has been commissioned by the Province of Zeeland to carry out annual height measurements with photogrammetry in the period September 2015 – 2020 to monitor the development of vegetation and the morphology. For the latter Shore also evaluates the effectiveness of the man-made gaps by means of an impact assessment.

Project details:

Client: Province of Zeeland
Service:data acquisition monitoring, data analysis impact assessment
Survey solution: UAV-Photogrammetry
Deliverables: DTM, orthophoto, impact assessment