De Manteling (2016)

De Manteling is a so called ‘pearl-project’ in the south of the Netherlands. Pearl-projects are promising development locations at which coastal safety, ecomonic- and ecological development are addressed integrally.

The dunes of the Manteling are important to the coastal safety of the hinterland and this initially limited the possibilities to increase the development and diversity of ecology in the area. Shore was asked to investigate the possibility of creating a second water retaining dune system more inland to allow the old dunes to be more dynamic and hopefully increase the ecology in this area.

During this study Shore determined the available sand volumes for the creation of a second dune section based on the public available ‘AHN3’ LiDAR dataset of the Netherlands. Subsequently, a preliminary design for a cross section of the second dune section was designed according to the required safety standards. Based on this design cross section the required sand volume is determined and compared with the available sand volume to determine the necessity of additional sand.

Project details:

Client:Province of Zeeland
Service:Data analysis Feasibility of intervention analysis
Survey solution: UAV-Photogrammetry
Deliverables: Report describing available sand volumes, design cross-section and necessity of additional sand