Fieldsite investigation Pan Hlaing river, Myanmar

Early 2018 Shore has been commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( to perform a field study in the Pan Hlaing River (PHR) west of Yangon, Myanmar. The Develop2Build project of RVO required additional field data on the riverbed elevation, hydrodynamics and salinity and Shore designed and executed a tailored field campaign to collect this data.

Important in this project was the transfer of knowledge to local parties (governmental and university) by capacity building. Hereto Shore developed a short course on the use of GPS and waterlevel- and salinity loggers and taught the locals how to use/deploy these instruments. All data obtained in this field campaign serves as a basis for further (numerical) studies into the hydrodynamics of the Hlaing and Pan Hlaing river system. Furthermore, time series of the water level and salinity measurements as initiated in this campaign will ideally be continued for years by local parties, providing valuable temporal (and real time) data of the river system.

The field study consisted of:

  • Investigating the presence of and creating GPS benchmarks
  • Bathymetrical survey in the eastern part of the Pan Hlaing River
  • Stationary water level and salinity measurements at 4 locations in the Pan Hlaing River and Hlaing river system
  • Tidal river discharge measurements in the Pan Hlaing River
  • Spatial and temporal salinity profiles over depth in the Pan Hlaing and Hlaing river system

Project details:

Client: RVO
Service: Data acquisition worldwide fieldsite investigation
Survey solutions:SBES from local boat, GPS , other
Deliverables: GPS benchmarks, Bathymetry, installation water level- and salinity loggers, (tidal) river discharge, spatial and temporal salinity profiles over depth