Post storm survey and analysis, Ameland

Together with governmental and research partners, Rijkswaterstaat established a new organization structure to increase the knowledge on water safety as a result of better acquisition, disclosure and use of field data around storm situations. Within this project there was need for fast and high resolution height data of beach and dunes after storm conditions.

Shore obtained this data with the UAV-LiDAR. Before the start of the 2017-2018 storm season, Shore collected a base line data set and was standy-by to acquire a new data set after a significant storm event. A large storm event eventually happened at the beginning of 2018 and Shore performed another survey shortly after. The differences between datasets was analysed to determine the morphological development between the two surveys and indicate erosion and accretion areas.

Project details:

Client: Rijkswaterstaat WVL
Service:data acquisition monitoring, data analysis analysis morphological development
Survey solution: UAV-LiDAR
Deliverables: DTM, analysis of differences