Monitoring Sand Engine (2011-2018)

The Sand Engine is a large mega nourishment pilot project in front of the Dutch coast initially positioned between Ter Heide and Kijkduin. Natural currents are ‘used’ to reshape the Sand Engine and redistribute the sand along the coast of South Holland via the Building with Nature principle. The Sand Engine is unique in its kind and therefore closely studied by a variety of universities and institutions.

Important to this studies is the availability of regular, accurate and integrated bathymetry and topography datasets. Directly after completion, Shore started collecting these datasets multiple times per year. During these surveys Shore simultaneously deploys jetski(s) and quads/carriers with GPS to respectively obtain bathymetric and topographic data of this large coastal section. In the course of time topographic techniques developed and Shore started deploying Photogrammetric- and LiDAR-UAV’s to collect data with increased detail.

Besides regular acquisition of data, Shore performed multiple concise analyses of the development of the Sand Engine after completion. These analyses elaborate on focus areas like the shape, cross section and volume changes and are delivered in reports.

Project details:

Clients: TU Delft, Deltares
Service: Data acquisition monitoring, data analysis analysis morphological development
Survey solutions: Jetski , GPS , Lidar , photogrammetrie
Deliverables: Integrated DTM, reports on morphological development