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Multibeam echosounding

Mapping shallow waters in one of the unique strengths of SHORE. Our high-end survey systems enable us to 1) obtain high-accurate and area covering bathymetric data, even in areas with limited water depth and 2) remain as flexible as in other shallow water surveys by being lightweight. The customized vessels that are used are easily transportable on a boat trailer, which allows for rapid, local deployment.

SHORE makes use of the R2Sonic 2024 Multibeam Echosounder for the collection of very high resolution bathymetric data. Some examples of application of this system are: area covering bathymetric surveys, pipeline inspections and inspections of quay walls or other subsea structures.

The PingDSP 3DSS is the other system that is used by SHORE which allows for the recording of high-accurate bathymetric data and side scan imaging simultaneously. This way we are able to efficiently cover large (shallow) areas with high quality data. One of the current uses of this system is a comprehensive, multi-year monitoring project of the reinforcement of the Dutch Houtribdijk, where very shallow waters are mapped accurately.

This technique is often used in combination with SHOREs Mobile LiDAR system system for the integral area covering data collection of both above- and under water topography. The big advantage of this integral data acquisition is the exclusion of temporal morphological effects, because both surveys are conducted simultaneously.


  • Area Covering Bathymetric Mapping
  • Monitoring of dredging works
  • Structure inspections
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Quick response surveys

Multibeam projects

Maasvlakte, The Netherlands

Waddenzee, The Netherlands

Southwold, United Kingdom

IJmuiden, The Netherlands